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14 May 06 Added some fantastic poetry from J.R.R. Tolkien, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard and Karl Edward Wagner from the Other Authors section.
26 Oct 05 Updated the "Overview" page to account for the Third Chronicles. Will get around to fleshing out this section when I steal time away from Hawai'i. So damn hard to make time to read when distracted by the mountains, beaches, and hot and cold running Asian ladies. Sigh ... ;-)


18 Aug 05 Hokey smokes Bullwinkle! Fifty thousand visitors have taken a peek at the site and it's accelerating. Where will the madness end?

In other news ... I've finished "Runes of the Earth" and although I probably won't get around to adding a review soon, suffice it to say I don't consider it to be an unmitigated success. From my perspective there was one good thing about the novel, and that was the very last sentence on the very last page. More to come ...
24 Dec 04 Well I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later ... just hope my speculative listing of cast members didn't add a spark to this tinderbox. "... save the Land from Saturn and his representatives". Saturn? ... oh brother.

"LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) -- Revelstone Entertainment has optioned the rights to the first six books in Stephen Donaldson's epic fantasy series "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant," with a view to developing a film franchise.
"Band of Brothers" scribe John Orloff will adapt the script for the first film.
The books revolve around a shunned author (Covenant) who is magically transported to the Land, a mystical world where he discovers he is the incarnation of a great hero. Covenant thinks it's all a dream. But he's the bearer of a magical talisman, and is enlisted to help save the Land from Saturn and his representatives."
14 Nov I'm back in Hawai'i bay-bee! Life is good, very good now that I'm a quarter of the way through Runes of the Earth. Expect more to come on the web site.
9 Jul 04 Sometime last night, the 30,000th visitor to the Land made her or his journey.
18 Jun Well that was a brief interlude! There is now an official Stephen R. Donaldson link on the Links page, a preview of the first book of the Third and final Chronicles (yes the rumors were true after all), and I've added scans from a rare set of First Chronicles books I was lucky enough to discover, plus some artwork never before seen on the WWW from actual talented artists. Who knows what's next?
8 Feb 04 Completed the last chapter headings for White Gold Wielder. It's been emotional. I have finished with this web site, until the Third Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.
25 Dec Merry Christmas! Started on chapter headings for the last novel.
7 Dec Finished chapter excerpts to The One Tree ... only one book left to go, until the Third Chronicles are published.
1 Nov Added pictures for my actors and actresses selections in the casting couch
9 Oct Back from my captivity among the Elohim during which time I finished White Gold Wielder and was floored yet again by the sheer brilliance of Donaldson's vision and execution of the resolution of the struggle between Thomas Covenant and Lord Foul. Tonight I'll add more excerpts from The One Tree.
9 Aug Finished The Wounded Land. I claim the ending of the chapter "Coercri" is the most powerful, sublime and transcendant passage in all of literature.
26 Jul Okay, I've been a punk lately ... I've had the free time but just lacked the motivation to update the site and answer e-mails. Man, living in the Deep South really sucks the intellectual motivation out of me. Anyway, I added a few chapter headings for The Wounded Land.
25 May Added scans from some of the real vintage versions of the First Chronicles to the covers and thumbnails pages.
3 May Completed excerpts for The Power That Preserves. Bracing myself mentally for the plunge into acid that is The Wounded Land ...
24 Jan 2003 Added excerpts to chapter headings for The Illearth War.
25 Dec Finished excerpts for Lord Foul's Bane. As usual tears streamed down my cheeks before I finished the novel. What power Donaldson wields.
21 Dec Added excerpts for Lord Foul's Bane chapters 15-20. Finally found a few spare hours to catch up on my reading. Saw the "Two Towers" -- a cautionary tale for anyone contemplating rendering the Chronicles onto the silver screen.
19 Oct Updated the Soundtrack with reader suggestions. Also added links to many of the items described in the Hiking Supplies section ... makes me wish I were scaling the awe-inspiring heights of the Ko'olau Mountains right now!
30 Sep Added excerpts for Lord Foul's Bane chapters 8-14.
26 Sep Just got back from vacation to find over 10,000 hits -- that's ten thousand individuals accessing the site the way I configured the counter. I guess that means there's at least 10,000 of us out there who read Donaldson and surf the Web ... is that enough to build a Warward? Before I took off I managed to add some excerpts to the Lord Foul's Bane chapter sections, and will keep adding to them as I find the time.
2 Jun Going over 8,000 hits this weekend even without a recent update made me realize that there are some dedicated Donaldson fans out there. So to honor them I plan to hyperlink each chapter heading at the bottom of each book section with my favorite passage from that chapter. It's going to be a slow but hopefully steady undertaking ... just like managing this site. I'm counting down the weeks until I can buy that scanner and kickstart the incorporation of visual imagery on the site.
31 Mar Guestbook now hooked up and working. And sometime over the weekend, the site tallied over 7,000 hits. Inconceivable!
24 Mar Added chapter headings at the bottom of the page for each book review (except Gilden Fire which has no chapter headings, at least in my copy).
18 Mar 02 the land is back on-line. provider bit the dust and the company that took over plastered ads all over the screen. Big thanks to "Offcenter" who hooked me up with this new space.
23 Dec Okay, seeing a really nice looking cover of my website made me realize how very, very basic the original was looking. Nothing wrong with that, but I got off my lazy butt and prettied things up a bit. Hope you enjoy it.
15 Dec Someone who actually knows what he's doing spent some time demonstrating how a makeover of this site could appear. For personal reasons I'll stick with the current setup, but there's no comparison ... his site visually kicks ass.
24 Nov 5,000 hits today. Man, I wasn't expecting that for another couple of years.
21 Nov Read Gilden Fire tonight and updated the Gilden Fire page.
19 Nov Added a few Soundtrack and Casting Couch suggestions ... thanks braddahs! I'll be adding soundtrack music files (probably just samples to save bandwidth) if I can do it without violating anyone's copyright.
18 Oct I just got to my new Stateside location and lo and behold if there aren't over 4,000 hits! I'm purchasing a new computer as soon as possible and hope to be actively updating the site in a couple weeks. AND ... I came across a boxed edition of the 1st Chronicles in a used book store with metallic calligraphy lettering across the front. Can't wait to scan them in and post them!
9 Sep More tinkering with the site to clear up the odd typo. Removed several entries in the S.R.D. Links section due to inevitable "link rot". Don't expect any big updates for several months as I will be moving about 4,000 miles from Hawaii next month. Selah.
14 Aug Holy smokes! Over 3,000 hits today. I've been doing a lot of updating on the site but it's minor stuff ... correcting the odd typo here and there. Thanks for all the kind words in the guestbook; I appreciate it even if I'm too lazy to e-mail everyone a proper thank you.
29 Jul Guess what?? I just walked into a 2nd hand bookstore and Karen W. Fonstad's "Atlas of the Land" was staring me right in the face. Soon as I get a scanner hooked up, expect to see some maps going up!
1 Jul Created a cover art page and thumbnails page of all the scans I could find. E-mail me more if you have them and I'll get them on there.
10 Jun Added a brief attempt at a Donaldson biography. And a short, depressing experience it was.
28 May The map of the Land should be accessible since the file is now hosted on another server.
Also I added the Second Chronicles' worth of songs to the soundtrack page. Enjoy!
20 May Site maintenance; deleted feedback form (was giving everyone 'forbidden access' errors, including me when I tried to fix it), and moved the 'updated on' date over to the 'what's new' link. Thanks again for all the feedback and constructive criticism. There's a lot of great Donaldson fans here on the web!
23 Apr In response to complaints about the pastels, I changed the menu appearance slightly and added table outlines. Also, a few folks mentioned they couldn't access the map of the Land, so I renamed it. Click here to view it. I'll be in Australia for about a month, so no updates til I get back. Sorree ...
22 Apr For you hiking enthusiasts, I made a list of stuff I would bring to the Land if the occasion ever arose ...
4 Apr Hey! Someone else decided to join the White Gold Webring ... that makes three so far. Any RPG'ers out there might want to check it out.
12 Mar Finished the First Chronicles worth of soundtrack. Thanks for all the great musical suggestions!
7 Mar Holy smokes ... over 1,000 hits today! And I've been neglecting to update since my divorce. Thanks for all the kind words you folks have left in the guestbook -- it's really inspirational and I will get back to revising and adding material to this site.
19 Jan Played around with a cast of characters for a hypothetical movie or movies about the Chronicles. This was a lot of fun.
12 Jan 2001 Started thinking of songs to accompany a reading of the Chronicles. Work in progress. Please feel free to join in by e-mailing me your favorites.
14 Dec Holy schnikees! My computer bit the dust ... I'm stuck with the 120MHz, modem-connected backup til at least January. Please forgive me if I can't add big-time updates for awhile. So solly ...
10 Dec Donaldson has passed The Lord of the Rings in the BookIdeas favorite books rankings! And it wasn't my vote that did it ...
1 Dec Just read at Locus Online that Mr Donaldson's new book of short stories "Reave the Just and Other Tales" tied for the Best Collection Award at the 2000 World Fantasy Awards. Congratulations!
29 Nov Finished up the first draft of the timeline, but I still need help to weed out the mistakes.
28 Nov I need your help! Added a primitive timeline to the left menu. It's barely begun and I'm already in over my head trying to figure out what came first and what follows after. Please e-mail me if you're good at history and have the time to dig through the Chronicles.
23 Nov Finished the narrative for White Gold Wielder.
23 Nov Tossed my hat in the ring by starting a new topic in the Kevin's Watch Discussion Forum.
20 Nov Added a combat scenario to the Arena section of I guess we'll see if anyone bites.
15 Nov Wrote the narrative for The One Tree. This one needs some heavy editing.
12 Nov Added a link to the Kevin's Watch Discussion Forum. It'll be interesting to see if discussions get as heated and nitpicky as in the Tolkien newsgroups.
11 Nov Voted for Donaldson at the BookIdeas Favorite Authors site. He's got 50 votes now compared to 71 for Tolkien and 140 for Atlas Shrugged. Why not vote for Mr Donaldson yourself?
10 Nov Added a paragraph on Edgar Rice Burroughs to the Other Authors page. What a guy!
8 Nov Added a 1999 interview from a publication called Phantastes to the Links page
5 Nov Expanded the rant I started in The Power That Preserves about Tolkien not owning various elements of the fantasy story.
1 Nov Chose the opening passage from White Gold Wielder. Believe me, it wasn't an easy decision because of the plethora, the myriad, the veritable cornucopia of other great choices. Here is the runner-up.
31 Oct Added a list of names for Lord Foul the Despiser.
31 Oct Added a legal disclaimer. This would probably get a hearty laugh from any competent copyright lawyer but hey, I mean well.
31 Oct Fleshed out The Wounded Land section. If it sucks, please remember it was late on Halloween night when I got around to it.
30 Oct Hey, there's a second web site on the White Gold WebRing! And his page has much better cover scans than mine. Kevin's Watch by Jay Resop ... check it out.
1 Oct Registered the site with Google, AltaVista, Lycos, Yahoo and about a dozen other search engines.
29 Sep Added a gif image showing an idealized formation of the Warward to the war strategy section.
27 Sep Updated and finished the glossary section; it now includes all entries for First and Second Chronicles. Think I'm developing carpal tunnel syndrome ...
27 Sep Rewrote the Overview ... still doesn't do the Chronicles justice
16 Sep Transported the web site from my home computer to
16 Sep Created the White Gold WebRing
4 - 15 Sep Fleshed out most of the site's pages
3 Sep 2000 Created the first page of this tribute web site